A Gift of Words for Those in Love

The Proposal.

Will you…

Wrap me in your warmth at night

Hold my hand in the sunshine bright

Dance with me in the pale moonlight

And stoke my ailing soul alight.

Will you…

Comfort me when my nerves affright

Guide me with your astute foresight

Help me make my dreams take flight

And weave our hearts in union tonight.

I wrote these words some time ago. At the time, I was in one of my infrequent relationships. Sadly they’ve never lasted more than sixth months, so  I clearly doubt I’ll ever use them. I’m far too jaded to believe that I’ll ever find my life partner. But still, that doesn’t stop me dreaming.

I’ve long debated with myself about using these words. I wrote them for a specific person, and I don’t feel it would be appropriate to say them to anyone else. I don’t think it acceptable to use words inspired by feelings towards a someone and then transfer them to another.

Today is the first day when same-sex couples can register their intent to marry in Cymry, England & Kernow. It’s not yet universal, but we’re striving towards a world which once I could only dream of.

On this momentous day, I freely offer these words as a gift to anyone who might wish to use them.

Words after all, are meant to be spoken.



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