Equal Marriage

Equal Marriage

I was first labelled Gay when I was 9, back at the tail end of the 80s. Growing up in coastal Dyfed, attending a Non-Conformist Baptist Chapel was not the best environment for me to discover my sexuality. There were no positive images of gay people to counter the abuse I received, only negative ones to reinforce it. I learnt a very cruel lesson of life, that I was a second class citizen in my own country.

My how times have changed. But there is still some way to go before I reach the end of my rainbow. This Cinderella is still looking for her Prince Charming. But when I find him I want to call him husband not partner. I’m looking for someone to share my life with NOT start a business. The concept of marriage evolves over time and in our country at least the idea that a wife is the property of her husband has rightly been consigned the scrapheap of history.

Words have power. Civil Partnership implies that my love is different from that of marriage. Think of the message that sends. That love is defined by sexual behaviour and not by commitment and compassion. I have learnt the difference between Lust and Love; the former is ephemeral, the latter eternal.

All I’m asking for are two words: Marriage and Equality. Is that too much to ask?


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